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Georgia Retinal Imaging Program

Screenings to detect aging eye disease and disorders.

Georgia Retinal Imaging Project (GRIP) Screenings

To detect glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, two potentially blinding aging eye diseases that affect many Georgians, Prevent Blindness Georgia launched the Georgia Retinal Imaging Project (GRIP) which utilizes retinal imaging technology to photograph the back of a patient’s eyes.

GRIP offers a screening that includes a risk assessment, visual acuity test, eye pressure measurement, and retinal photography, all of which are encrypted and transmitted electronically to a volunteer opthalmologist who interprets them. An initial diagnosis of an eye disease or condition can be made without the patient visiting a doctor’s office. The patient is then referred to an eye doctor for confirmation and sight saving treatment. Past PBGA board member Dr. Scott Pastor, a glaucoma specialist with Eye Consultants of Atlanta, designed the project.

These free screenings are offered to those at risk for aging eye diseases. Participants may include:

  • All people age 55+
  • African Americans age 40+
  • People with diabetes

Call 404-266-2895 for more information or to schedule a screening.

Prevent Blindness Georgia thanks the R. Howard Dobbs, Jr., Foundation for providing funding for the Nidek Automated Fundus Camera that is used for the retinal photo.