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Georgia Vision Programs

Star Pupils Children’s Program

We ensure that children are “vision ready” to learn and succeed in school.


Pre-Kindergarten Vision Screenings

Prevent Blindness Georgia vision screens three, four, and five-year-old children in lottery-funded pre-kindergarten classes, Head Starts, public and private preschools, and childcare centers across the state.  During the 2019-2020 school year, we screened more than 38,000 children statewide at 686 sites in 116 counties. Of those screened, over 3,800 children were referred for further care by an eye doctor because they were unable to pass the vision screening.

One in twenty preschool children and one in four school-age children has a vision problem requiring correction. Because most vision problems are painless, children who have never worn glasses are usually unaware that they are unable to see clearly. Yet, good vision is critical for young children. Eighty percent (80%) of what children learn is visual. Without good vision, a child can have academic, social, and developmental problems. Some eye problems, if not corrected by age 7, can result in permanent blindness.

Certified vision screeners conduct a two part screening with each child that includes:

  1. Observation: Children are observed for appearance, behavior or complaints which may indicate vision or eye problems.
  2. Distance Visual Acuity Test: In order to determine the visual acuity in each eye, children are asked to name the shapes on a wall-mounted chart while a volunteer covers one eye at a time. Or, children may be tested for risk factors for amblyopia with a photoscreening instrument.


Scheduling and Forms

To schedule a free vision screening for prekindergarten children (four-year-old class or lottery-funded pre-k class), please contact Shavette L. Turner at 404-266-2020.

Forms for scheduled prekindergarten vision screenings

Low Income Options


If you need assistance paying for glasses for your child, Prevent Blindness Georgia can help.  We administer assistance programs from several companies and can connect you with the assistance you need and for which you qualify.
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Replacement Glasses:

We provide replacements for lost or broken eyeglasses for children on Medicaid for $30.  Parents must first fax or email the child’s current prescription (less than one year old) to Prevent Blindness Georgia. The fax/email must contain:

  1. a current prescription
  2. the child’s pupillary distance (PD) measurement from the optician who originally filled the prescription
  3. the child’s birth date
  4. the parent’s name and phone number

This information can be faxed to (404) 974-2947 or emailed to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please call DeAndria Nichols at (404) 266-2895.

Once the prescription is received, we will call the number provided to verify eligibility and schedule an appointment. All appointments are held at our office in Midtown Atlanta.

Only single vision lenses can be ordered.  Eye exams are not available.

Payment may be made by VISA, MasterCard or cash (correct change please).

Position Statement on Vision Screening School-Aged Children (6 and Older)

The goal of school-age vision screening (children ages 6 and older) is to identify children with as yet undiagnosed amblyopia or other early childhood vision disorders that may still respond to treatment. Screeners will also look for other vision changes that may begin in third, fourth, or fifth grade during growth spurts.

Prevent Blindness position statement on vision screening school-aged children